We are happy to register new NHS patients within our catchment area.

How to Register

To register with our practice please pop into the practice after 11am Monday – Friday and complete our registration forms.

Please provide us with 2 forms of identification (ID) on the day of your registration.

Acceptable photo Identification; Driving license or a passport.

Acceptable proof of address: tenancy agreement, mortgage agreement, bank statement, driving licence, birth certificate etc dated within the last 3 months.

Until you have submitted your ID you will not be registered at the practice.

Registration Medical

Once registered, make an appointment with our nursing team for a registration medical.

We invite all our new patients to see one of our practice nurses or our health care assistant. This appointment enables us to collect medical information before your medical records arrive. It is also the start of screening for other medical problems. Normally, you will need to complete a registration medical before seeing one of our GPs.